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Behavioural Therapy Blog Archive

Post-traumatic stress disorder

Date Posted: 1st February, 2016

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological condition that can develop after exposure to serious psychological trauma, such as being involved in an event where there is a threat of death or serious injury to yourself or someone else.

The symptoms for PTSD develop at a different rate with each individual.  So...

Sleep more soundly

Date Posted: 25th January, 2016

It is often your daily routine that leaves you feeling fatigued during the day and increases your sleep difficulties at night. There are several ways to help you enjoy a better quality of sleep but it is dependent on your needs as an individual, too. You may require a stricter sleep schedule, better bedtime habits or it may be down to your da...


Date Posted: 18th January, 2016

Motivation is important for people to achieve goals and objectives. It is also essential in order to enhance ambition, desires and aspirations. Motivation is driven by enjoyment, interest, satisfaction, success and reward. There are two sources that drive motivation: the individual themselves (intrinsic motivation) and other people (extrinsic...

Be Assertive

Date Posted: 11th January, 2016

Being assertive doesn't mean winning the argument. It doesn't mean getting all your own way, either. And it certainly doesn't mean speaking your mind without regard to the consequences. Those can be the rapid road to being a pain in the neck as an "emotionally unintelligent" self-seeker - which is fine if that's the ...

Being Shy

Date Posted: 4th January, 2016

Being shy can involve feelings of apprehension, anxiety, nervousness, fear, awkwardness and lack of comfort when an individual is near to them or when they are being approached by other people.  This is particularly the case when facing new situations or unfamiliar people.  However, in more severe cases, an individual can be affecte...