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Date Posted: 18th January, 2016

Motivation is important for people to achieve goals and objectives. It is also essential in order to enhance ambition, desires and aspirations. Motivation is driven by enjoyment, interest, satisfaction, success and reward. There are two sources that drive motivation: the individual themselves (intrinsic motivation) and other people (extrinsic motivation).

In order to stay motivated, you should first of all discover your vital core skills behind your daily successes. Now, look back at what you achieved today (even if, at first, you do not believe there was any good that came from it - there always will be something) and work out what you did to achieve each task carried out. Analyse these core skills that underpin your achievements and build them into future tasks you believe will be difficult, boring or strenuous. If you are able to focus these core skills on tasks you are not motivated to carry out, you are well on your way to managing your motivational skills and success. 

Once you have tackled these future tasks, use the same technique to build motivation for the next tasks that you face. It is a virtuous circle and if you are able to understand your core skills from things you do well in order to achieve success, then you can apply these core skills to any difficulties you face.

The key to motivation is to not allow any task to be a ‘chore’. Your attitude is the key to everything, especially motivation. In order to enjoy a difficult or boring task that you face, you should ask yourself ‘how will I enjoy this task?’ and then use those core skills you discovered and build them into your task to achieve a good result. Most tasks will have an aspect involved in them for you to enjoy - think of the outcome. A good example is exercise. It is sometimes difficult to get motivated to go for a run. However, if you build your core skills into getting up and going for a run you will see benefits in the exercise. It could be good for stress relief, fitness, health, making friends and relaxation. There is always more than one bonus to difficult or boring tasks: you just need to look deeply and use your core skills to go about them.

Once you have discovered your core skills and you have managed to use them in most (if not every) task you face, reward yourself. Rewards are the best way to enhance your motivation. You may not believe you have achieved much during each and every task you have accomplished but rewarding yourself is the best way to keep your motivation high. If you reward yourself for honest achievements, you will be more motivated to accomplish new goals and objectives, which will consequently progressively increase your motivation the more you reach those difficult milestones.