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Behavioural Therapy Blog Archive

Don't worry - be happy!

Date Posted: 30th December, 2015

In order to understand stress, anxiety, "worries", phobias and depression, the best place to start is with the "autonomic" functions of the nervous system, which play a vital role when responding to stress.

Two systems are present within the autonomic nervous system: the sympathetic nervous system and the parasy...

Fear of Flying

Date Posted: 13th December, 2015

Whilst air travel is becoming more common, more and more people experience stress associated with flying. These stresses can lead to a state of fear, if they are unable to be controlled effectively, resulting in a phobia of flying. The fear usually occurs when the person is present in an aeroplane, helicopter or any other flying vehicle befor...

Thinking Thin

Date Posted: 25th November, 2015

Staying trim and watching your weight is as much about how you eat and drink as it is about what you consume. In a nutshell, people who are overweight tend to eat differently from normal weight people and, as a consequence, tend not to heed the signals that tell others that "enough's enough".

Overweight people do, of ...